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A few words on why I left the warm bosom of a big agency.

Dentists, apparently, are more prone to suicide than other professions and, in the mid 80’s, Dr Paddi Lund got as far as preparing to jump off a bridge into the Brisbane River. As he stood, precariously balanced, contemplating the chilly deep, he had a moment of clarity. He decided there was an alternative.

He returned to his surgery, and wrote polite letters to most of his clients stating he would not be treating them in future. That, in itself, was cathartic. He then asked the remaining patients whose company he enjoyed to refer him to their friends.

Dr Lund is now a very happy dentist, world-renowned and tooth tinkerer to the stars (the nice ones). He also now inspires people across the world – a happy working environment is the only way to go.

And that’s why Swissss was born. By working with people and on projects I enjoy, they get the best out of me. I look forward to waking up and before long we have great work, great relationships and happy clients. Makes sense to me. I’ll probably be destitute in 6 months, but I figured it was worth a try.

The creative process should be great fun. If it isn’t, get in touch.

  • Tom Dyson May 3, 2011 Reply

    Nice blog Craig, hope all is going well in Swissss? You can always have a job at my agency when i start it. Might not be the best paid but might be a laugh. Tom

  • Swissss May 3, 2011 Reply

    So far so good. I'd work with you like a shot Tom. Keep the collective pecker up. I'll drop in next time I'm in Manc.

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