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So the iPhone is outselling windows phones. No shit. And it therefore follows that iOS will take over the world and Microsoft will crumble.

No, ‘that’s’ shit.

The mistake everybody is making is trying to compare like with like. Phone v phone. Computer v computer. Console v console. When most of us assess a menu in a restaurant we do no such thing. We compare apple crumble with a cheese platter. I think the real battleground for OS supremacy (if you even see it as a battle) is between iPhone and xbox. Two different pieces of kit, but both getting us used to their respective OS.

There are roughly the same number of xbox users as iPhone users. You may not have heard that above the iPhone sales puff, so I’ll say it again. There are roughly the same number of xbox users as iPhone users. Both parties are busy being sociable, using social media, chatting to friends. Both playing games, consuming content. Both using different, elegant (and equally loved) OS.

However, one gadget costs an almost prohibitive fortune for youngsters and those with limited disposable incomes. One costs about the same as a tank of petrol. One is only suitable for one person. The other is a family entertainment hub. DVDs, streaming films, radio, tv, social all attached to the giant tv screen in the living room. Apple, even if they come up with a cracking home entertainment device, will almost certainly charge an average month’s salary for the hardware alone. I definitely won’t be buying it.

Neither OS will ‘win’ outright, but I see greener pastures for Microsoft than Apple in the medium term. Baristas and ‘creatives’ will always religiously buy mac. Price sensitives PCs, and proper geeks will probably buy both. But those journalists and bloggers who write-off Windows because of the phones, probably own a fantastic iPhone 4s and don’t (yet) own a fantastic xbox 360 elite.

Talk to your kids. The brand-absorbant future. Do they want to spend ten years’ pocket money on a device with an app that Dad uses to book flights? Or do they want to talk to their friends while playing games? Or watch a film together, in separate houses, or sing and dance, or…

I own both, use both heavily and I would fight harder to keep my xbox than my iPhone.

Which is why my next phone will almost certainly be a Windows phone. Because it integrates so beautifully with my Most Valuable Tech, the family xbox. Even though I know the iPhone is a ‘better’ phone I love my xbox more, and it deserves a Windows phone. Microsoft is ‘guiding’ my phone purchase by getting me comfortable with their OS through xbox – against my better judgement and the harsh judgement of my creative, mac-obsessed peers.

Maybe I’m dim. Maybe I’m atypical. But I can imagine life without iPhone, especially if it involves a Windows phone, rather than an Android.

Life without xbox would be expensive, lonely, quiet, and crap.

  • Mike Hoffman Dec 27, 2011 Reply

    I've actually heard good things about Windows Phone – and would buy one at a shot. My favourite phone I ever owned was the SPV, which used Windows. Only downside seems to be lack of decent apps, but beyond the basics I'm not bothered. What does bother me is the Apple closed system, which sucks you in and discourages innovation and originality.

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