This is my ‘proper' blog, but I rarely add to it. There are too many blogs, if you ask me.

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So the iPhone is outselling windows phones. No shit. And it therefore follows that iOS will take over the world and Microsoft will crumble. No, ‘that’s’ shit. The mistake everybody is making is trying to compare like with like. Phone v phone. Computer v computer. Console v console. When most of us assess a menu […]

Retail, right now, must be terrified. With every item that is ‘added to basket’ online, another high-street store loses out. The clever kids got online long ago and their stores are more like 3d brochures. But there are still some that rely heavily on daytime shoppers with spare cash. Bad business model. Go into a […]

Over the years I have worked in a variety of agencies and feigned interest when the subject of charging came up. I was a creative. As long as the idea was going to win the pitch/award I wasn’t bothered. The last agency I worked at was different. Commercialism was the lot of every person from […]