This is just some of the work I’ve been doing in the last year. If you want to see some older stuff, get in touch.

  • Music video for Never A Hero.

    Music video for Never A Hero.

    Art Direction, Scripting

    The brief was to ‘get them signed by a big label’. By using a magic blend of advertising methodologies, we produced a video that would be watched by a whole new fanbase, namely the nutters known only as ‘triathletes’. 20,000 YouTube views in a couple of months and, alongside the hard work of the management, the band have just signed with a US label. The video will also be featuring on several music TV channels. Bosh. View music video

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  • Build an identity for Line It Up.

    Build an identity for Line It Up.

    Brand Development, Management

    Arguably the world’s best and most exclusive golf tours. Everything from website to social to comp slips. Very few customers, and luxury was the key. Took the increasingly rare decision to use Flash (find out why). So, hard cheese if you’re on an achingly cool iGadget. Search for it on an old desktop. First tour almost sold out. Pow.

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  • WTSL – No, I hadn’t heard of them either.

    WTSL – No, I hadn’t heard of them either.

    Consultancy, Copywriting

    A group of niche engineers, selling to a group of niche procurement people. A carnival of jargon, abbreviations and assumed knowledge. Stripped it all away, leaving a clean, simple-to-understand elevator pitch (and assorted collateral). Turns out they’re ruddy geniuses who will almost certainly save the planet. Win.

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  • Pitney Bowes – A friendly approach

    Pitney Bowes – A friendly approach


    How do you talk to people who have no time and no inclination to complete a critical process? You make the process as simple as possible and you talk calmly, regularly and with a friendly tone. Customer contact throughout the sales cycle where both parties get what they need – service with a big smile. Ting.

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  • Secret squirrel

    Secret squirrel

    White Label

    Much of what I do is ‘white-label’. You’re going to have to take my word for it that it’s all exceptionally good. I never talk about my white-label work. Unless I’m asleep. It’s normally mixed in with the favourite in the 3.10 at Kempton and yesterday’s shipping forecast. Nobody will understand, I promise. Shh.

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Over the years I have worked in a variety of agencies and feigned interest when the subject of charging came up. I was a creative. As long as the idea was going to win the pitch/award I wasn’t bothered. The last agency I worked at was different. Commercialism was the lot of every person from […]


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